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Thief caught sleeping after cookie snack

MALAYSIAN police have arrested a thief who fell asleep after snacking on cookies in the home of his victim and was discovered curled up in bed clutching a stolen purse, a newspaper has reported.

V. Sathya, an insurance manager in the northern Malaysian state of Terengganu, said his nine-year old son was startled to find the intruder sleeping in his bed, with a blanket pulled over his head, after the family returned from a shopping trip.

“He shouted and ran out of his room,” Sathya told the Star newspaper.

“Even then the burglar did not wake up and carried on sleeping while holding on to one of my wife’s purses.”

The thief also ate up the cookies the family had prepared for Chinese New Year celebrations next weekend.

“My wife had prepared various delicacies over the past few days but the rogue ate everything,” said Sathya, who is married to an ethnic Chinese.



Fleeing shoplifter forgets son

AMSTERDAM: A shoplifter looking to make a quick getaway from a Dutch supermarket after stealing a packet of meat left police a crucial piece of evidence – his 12-year-old son.

In his haste the 45-year-old thief made a solo dash to his car, batting away a supermarket worker who had flung himself on the vehicles’ bonnet in a bid to stop the escape.

From TOI


Brothers accused of theft, burglary to cover legal costs

MONTVILLE, Conn. – Two brothers who tried unsuccessfully to dump a stolen truck because they could not remove its tires attempted to cover their legal expenses in that case by stealing items from a local elementary school, according to authorities.

Christopher Lamotte, 18, and Steven Lamotte Jr., 20, face several larceny and burglary charges from the two incidents, police said this week.

Authorities in this southeastern Connecticut town say they had little difficulty finding the suspects.

In the first case, the truck’s owner told police that Christopher Lamotte was the only other person who knew about the vehicle’s hidden key, according to court records. And in the second, the brothers allegedly forgot a knapsack with one of their names inside at the crime scene, authorities said.



Man allegedly leaves baby to rob store

Deputies said a man left his three-month-old baby home alone for six hours while he robbed a grocery store. Police said Tony Doden and his accomplice, James Schmidt, were arrested after their getaway car was spotted by a witness.A teenage employee told police a man wearing a Halloween style ‘Jason’ masked robbed them at gunpoint and then took off.

More at this link


Sunglass-Clad Teen Girls Rob Bank of America

                                                 ACWORTH, Ga.Two females who police said might be as young as 16 were clad in sunglasses as they handed a bank teller a note demanding cash, smiled as they waited and walked out with an undisclosed amount of money Tuesday, police said.
“This is something totally new to us,” Cobb County police spokesman officer Wayne Delk said of the robbery at a Bank of America branch inside a grocery store.

The girls approached the teller inside the Kroger store shortly after noon, and witnesses were unable to tell investigators whether they left in a car.

Their only disguise was the sunglasses, and they were clearly pictured in surveillance camera shots.

“The pictures are too good. Someone’s got to know them,” Delk said.

Not sure as to who the idiot would be. The teller who gave away the money by just seeing ” note demanding cash ” or the girls who had just the sunglasses for disguise.

Now if you happen to see them, you know what to do.



Romanian Burglars Break Into Vacant Former Bank Building

A trio of would-be Romania bank burglars ended up with nothing to show for their big plan because they didn’t realize the building had been vacated, according to wire reports.

Under cover of darkness, the three fellows broke into a building that had served as headquarters for Nova Bank in Constanta. Only after they were inside did they find out the bank had relocated and the building they’d burglarized was empty.

All the crooks could steal were heating pipes they ripped off the walls, said police.



Robbery suspect was stuck in ventilation shaft for 10 hours

A 25 year old man tried to break into a CVS pharmacy last night … and he thought he had it all planned out. He had a rope and was going to drop himself in through the store’s ventilation shaft.

Jeffery Mumani climbed onto the roof of the CVS store and removed the vent, allowing access into the store. He tied the rope around himself, when the plan was suddenly ruined.

“Either the rope broke, or came loose from what is what tied to , and ended up dropping him 9 to 10 feet straight down,” says Marion County Sheriff’s Captain James Pogue.

Straight down into the ceiling of the ladies’ room.


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